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tale enders an animated webseries

The Tale Enders is a webseries set in Invercargill, New Zealand. Following the fortunes of six Invercargill teenagers, Izzie, Dan, Luc, Hamish, Sam and Amelia, Tale Enders provides a platform for dialogue around the contemporary issues impacting youth in provincial New Zealand.

Series one consists of six episodes each approximately 22 minutes long. Each episode focuses on one of the members of this close knit group of friends developing their individual stories as well as examining the dynamics of their friendships. The series aims to address common challenges confronting youth relevant both locally and internationally. 

I look forward to sharing the journey of these characters and my own journey in creating this project on a very small budget. Please feel free to contact me through this website or/and visit the Facebook and Twitter pages for regular updates.

Writer and Director

Rachel Mann


This Lucy a character in the tale enders an animated webseries









The Tale Enders is a six part animated webseries set in Invercargill, New Zealand. Following the fortunes of six Invercargill teenagers, Izzie, Dan, Luc, Hamish, Sam and Amelia. 



Hamish struggles with the divisions within his life. His father, who he loves and respects, does not easily except change. He bans Hamish from seeing friends he perceives to be a bad influence. It is Diwali and Daneesh's parents are hosting a celebration, Hamish desperately wants to go but is grounded. He must defy his father and start to come to terms with his deepening relations with Daneesh.


Izzie's grandmother has fallen very ill. She wants to bring both her biological and chosen family together, but rifts appear over a shared dinner. This brings to the fore the debate as to whether New Zealand should be referred to as a multicultural society or a bi-cultural society. Lucy and Izzie fall out over Lucy's complete ignorance of the Maori part of her heritage.


The group go to the Sharks' basketball game at Stadium Southland. After the game they head into town. They attempt to get into the local nightclub and get carded. Deflated they head to Wachner Place to hang with some friends from school. Lucy hooks up with a boy that used to go to school with them but left after Sam and Hamish shamed him online. Lucy calls them up for online bullying, they claim they only meant it as a joke.


Samuel nicks a bottle of Bourbon from his parents and takes it to the school ball. He tries to pressure the others to drink with him, they all share a drink, but Sam takes it way too far. He feels rejected when Amelia calls him out on his behaviour. But it is Amelia who comes to his rescue and saves him from himself, the teachers and his friends.

Daneesh prepares an elaborate picnic for the group to spend the afternoon and evening at Oreti beach watching the Burt Munro motorcycle challenge. They all get stoned for the first time and talk about their hopes for the future and their fears of embarking on their final year at school.



Amelia invites the group to see her play at the Golden Guitar awards in Gore. This sends shockwaves through the group as they always viewed Amelia as the loner rock chick. Samuel embarrasses everyone by making racist jokes in front of Amelia's parents. Samuel realises that he is pushing Amelia away and tries desperately to make amends.

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