Message in a 48 hour furious bottle

With the 48 hour furious film making contest coming up this weekend I felt a little reflective. Unfortunately, I am not entering this year. Work and tale enders commitments take a priority and with the change in timing this is just untenable. It is with a little sadness that I made this decision as these weekends are usually a staple on my calendar. To me the 48 gives an opportunity to take time out from your usual projects and collaborate with others, and seriously seriously just go with the flow. So the storylines are rather silly and only seem funny with vast amount of sleep deprivation. Or suddenly you have found your inner teenage boy and the juvenile jokes are coming thick and fast and you just want to blow everything up and frankly who cares its just 48 hours and you can do whatever you please. No, that’s right, I have never been in it to win it but always in it for the ride. We have had at times up to eight teams all operating out of the downtown campus at SIT and during these times we have had software failures, power cuts, hardware shuts downs and all manner of panic inducing events coupled with tears, melt downs, laughter and a whole lot of fun. So to everyone giving it a go this weekend, good luck!! Enjoy.

With a little bit of nostalgia, I share some of the projects I have been involved in over the years.

2015: Gilt Complex

2014: The Ball Thief

2013: Hog Dizzy

2011: The Uppercut

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