On the street and in the gallery, tale enders has been out and about

It has been a busy couple of months for the tale enders and an even busier month for myself but it has been a fabulous ride and I would like to share some of the highlights. The end of September we started out street campaign, showcasing the characters and some of the art from the tale enders. This was to heighten local awareness of the project, it was fantastic to see the characters all around Invercargill and to have the project in people minds and conversations. There were nine posters rotating around different location over the period of four weeks. The following gallery show the posters in there original format.

And this is what they looked like located around the Invercargill CBD!!

The street campaign was followed up by the tale enders exhibition at the City Gallery on Don Street from the 4-29th of October. We showed off a range of artwork form the series and a few small snippets of behind the scenes work.

The opening was a wee delayed on the 7th of October, due to the fact that I was in Los Angeles with my lovely family. The night went well and I received a lot of fantastic feedback, which was amazing.

This resulted in a really nice article being written about the project in the Southland Times

You can read the full article at www.stuff.co.nz.

Well I have more exciting news coming up soon, which I hope to share with everyone very very soon. Love the feedback we are getting from everyone and hope to hear much more as we continue along this journey.

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